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While studying in Manchester Daniel decided to explore some suburban areas of the city. Daniel found Stockport a pertinent area of Manchester, holding a strong Mancunian identity as well as a passionate sense of a smaller community as well. 


Daniel’s aim was to represent residents of Stockport in their truest light without exhibiting them; the images are shot as authentically as possible, ensuring not to frame subjects in any particular way. In order to successively capture how residents felt towards Stockport, Daniel had to fully indulge himself in the area, visiting regularly, meeting local residents and engaging with the community.


Daniel found a strong sense of community while documenting the surroundings of everyday lives in Stockport, shown in residents’ pride, welcoming attitude, respect for the area, excitement about Daniel’s project and willingness to represent the community.


In 2017, ‘People of Stockport’ won a local community competition to show the spirit of Stockport.