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‘Searching for a voice’ is a collection images taken on Dalston high street, a rapidly changing area due to gentrification and fast-pace redevelopment. Uninterested in the constantly emerging shops and cafes, Daniel considers residents who have inhabited Dalston for generations, their abrupt sense of isolation and exclusion in this recently transformed area, and remnants of their culture and community that are being shut down. The name ‘Searching for a voice’ denotes those who no longer have a say in the current trend, and are effectively searching for a voice in their own environment.


The images explore the ‘in betweens’ along Dalston high street. Daniel focuses on Dalston residents and the ways in which they are omitted. The project features doors, bridges, shutters and windows to demonstrate the idea of being ‘closed down’ or ‘shut out’. In every photo, these items cover subjects’ faces to physically show residents invisibility and lack of voice.


‘Searching for a voice’ exemplifies the problematic issues of inner-city regeneration projects and demonstrates how efforts to transform an area simultaneously involves re-characterising residents; or excluding them all together.